Tips for Digital Transformation: in beta after 10 months. How did we get there?

Working like a start-up requires energy, creativity and strong processes!

There’s no magic behind reaching a beta phase in 10 months.  See our 5 tips to for Digital Transformation – by sharing we hope we can contribute to drive more innovation in the investment industry.

1. First of all… Build a team who disagree.

  • Hiring people who always agree means you hire people just like you.
  • Developer, designer, marketing and product owner are together the core team.

2. Then….Use tools to force them to combine point of views

  • Ceremony: everybody shares positive & negative from the past week at the start of the sprint. Everybody votes on 2 issues the team agrees to prioritise. It is like democracy when it works.
  • Time pressure: we work in 1 week sprints so time pressure is forcing us to compromise and build on each others positions

3. Moreover….Do less & Sprint: 

  • In that Sprint Week you can only focus on the core pain point you want to solve. Don’t try to add more features.
  • Build that feature step by step & adjust things on the go. Working in 1 week sprints help us to make sure we don’t waste our energy working on something our users don’t need.

4. And finally….Focus: 

  • Align team’s effort through visualisation.
  • The obeya project management tool (process where you visualise your key steps – Plan. Do. Check. Act to enhance efficiency, focus and collaboration) will not only make your walls very inspiring but will be a constant reminder of what the team needs to do to achieve goals.

5. And.. Observe:

  • Don’t ask users, just continuously observe them. Nothing new here, ethnography has been around for a long time. But it has been difficult for us as it is not common practice in our industry and we hope that will change.
  • Why do we need to observe users in the working environment? Because we need to truly understand users’ needs in their personal context. We don’t want to guess. To make sure we add value the only way is to analyse users’ habits, deconstruct them and suggest improvements


By the way,  don’t forget the cherry on the cake: don’t under estimate how a confident project manager can save you time! Without the maestro, no harmony.

Good luck in implementing our 5 tips for Digital Transformation.

Go Ffyn.


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