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Ffyn is delighted to speak at Vivatech2019

Meet us at Vivatech2019

Collaborative pitch

Thanks to BNP Paribas to invite us to pitch at their Vivatech lab on Thursday 16th May at 4pm. Ffyn is delighted to speak at Vivatech2019.

  • Jean Devambez will share his tips for winning the race in implementing Digital Transformation & explain why BNP Paribas is supporting Ffyn
  • Richard Jones will share Ffyn’s vision for the Future of Funds Distribution.

Latest innovation

Rodrigo Eliseu, Julien Ravat and Jorge Gonzalez will demo the latest features available on Ffyn and share tips on AI.

A great occasion to welcome & thank our partners

Stephanie Griffiths will moderate the discussion with our users and share their best use case of Ffyn


Ffyn is delighted to speak at Vivatech2019, see you there!


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