Ffyn goes live in June

Ffyn goes live in June 2019 and already partnered with companies such as BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Cardif, Maif, Aberdeen, Generali, and FundQuest.

Ffyn is pitching at Vivatech on BNP Paribas lab. Ffyn goes live in June.

Why did we create Ffyn?

Born out of an internal innovation programme, Ffyn is a great example of successful INTRApreneurship and goes live in June.  With 20+ years of experience in Funds Distribution, Richard Jones (CEO Ffyn) wanted to re-invent Mutual Funds distribution by facilitating communication between Asset Managers and Professional Investors. Inspired by leading Apps, Ffyn brings the simplicity of cloud-based tools to the fund industry and helps Investors to justify why they invest in a fund, in one second on their mobile.


“FFYN is born from recurrent pain points shared between the actors of the Mutual Fund Distribution, the belief they could be solved thanks to a collaborative design approach and by leveraging on the new solutions available in this digital era. It’s a huge satisfaction to effectively deliver the solution we’ve been dreaming about for the industry together with our partners. Ffyn goes live in June 2019.” Richard Jones


What do we do?

Thanks to Ffyn, Investors understand better their investment and Asset Manager focus on building relationships

  • Institutional Investors get an aggregated and up to date view of all their funds, monitor accurately their providers, and access automatically all the latest qualitative funds data.
  • Asset Managers implement digital transformation through tailoring communication to the investors’ needs, automatisation of fund data distribution, and collaboration through a secured and compliant platform.
  • Compliance teams have an aggregated view of all exchanges per fund which makes their work easier & faster

Co-founded with Jean Devambez (Global Head of Digital at BNP Paribas) and with financial support from BNP Paribas the team goes to the source of fund data, organise it and augment it. It is not by chance that they are called Ffyn, which comes from “ffynon” in Welsh (the source).

Our ambitions:

Ffyn has been working from the start with leading industry players such as BNP Paribas Cardif, Maif, Generali and BNP Paribas wealth Management on the investors side. Ffyn is aiming for 50 Asset Managers on 2019 and already work with over 20 pioneers of Digital Transformation such as M&G, Allianz, Aberdeen, Mirae, Robeco, Fidelity…

“The team vision is that Digital Transformation is actually over. Now is the time to race for implementation.” Stephanie Griffiths, CMO

Ffyn plans to recruit 6 more people in the next 6 months to fine tune its key features.

 “Ffyn goes live in June 2019. Our objective is to on board 90 new Asset managers in the next 12 months” Richard Jones, CEO

 “Ffyn combines great business expertise thanks to a close cooperation with our pilot clients, the power of user experience and cloud technologies. It has been designed to make on boarding very easy and deliver immediate benefits in the day-to-day work. That’s why BNP Paribas Wealth Management is currently rolling it out across all locations. Our ambition now is to grow quickly our user community in Europe and beyond. Thanks to the support of our shareholder we will keep on investing to develop additional features. Through digitalisation of Asset Management we bring more opportunities for our clients to develop their business “ Jean Devambez, Ffyn Chairman


Ffyn is interviewing BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Fidelity at the Paris Fintech Forum

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