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Highlights of our panel at the Fund Forum

Ffyn was delighted to speak at the Fund Forum. It was a great honour to share our learnings and lead a panel with other agents of change such as Generali, BNP Paribas, Elinvar, Minveo and Huxley Hub.

Before kicking off the panel, our Chief Marketing Officer, Stephanie Griffiths, shared 5 tips for #Digital Implementation and #CostReduction:

Tip 1: Human Centered – Know better Investors needs

Tip 2: Augment – Enrich communication

Tip 3: Get inspiration from leading apps – Improve UX

Tip 4: Minimise the boring – Reduce operational cost

Tip 5: Scale  – Cut transaction costs

Then Stephanie had the pleasure to interview Anne Choktsang (BNP Paribas) about implementing innovation within blue chip companies.

To drive change Anne shared some practical tips around #Design Thinking, #Prototyping and shared the examples of the #Change Angels who work in Agile mode to foster collaboration and turn around improvement and innovation projects in less than 6 weeks.

Finally the panel discussion tackled key issues such as trust in #data , race for #implementation and #cost

Remi Cuinat from Generali challenged the way Asset Managers and Investors are using data – and the fact that Institutional Investors pay for free data. It was great to hear that Remi  Cuinat thought solutions like Ffyn would drive his cost down and led innovation with Asset Management.

Justine Powell (Huxley Hub) shared perspective on data driven journalism and data reliability – inspired by company such as Belling Cat. This lead to an inspiring discussion about the need for 360 degrees, up-to-date, fund data – including quant & qual information.

Johannes Schubert (Minveo) and Niall Bellabarba (Elinvar) shared tips about how to successfully collaborate with incumbents and the need for plu&play solutions.

Check our Ffyn page on Linkedin for more insights on the 2019 Fund Forum. .

Thanks to Rémi Cuinat Anne Choktsang Johannes Schubert Niall Bellabarba and Justine Powell for your insights.

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Ffyn panel at the Fund Forum

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