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Key take-outs from the Fund Forum by Stephanie Griffiths

Building on Erik Brynjolfsson’s keynote at the Fund Forum & here are my key take-outs applied to Asset Management – by Stephanie Griffiths

1/ #Mind to #machine

New gen asset management will of course digitise all processes but also “augment” data. Data is more than ever becoming a commodity in Asset Management and as Generali said in our panel “Why paying for free data?”. Platforms such as Ffyn will help institutional investors to cut cost and push Asset Managers to go further in developing tailored micro services (API’s) and anticipate clients’ needs.

2/ #Product to #Platform

As most successful digital companies build platforms rather than products, great to see that Ffyn is at the forefront of the trend in Asset Management.

3/ #Core to #Crowd

Next Gen Asset Management will only succeed if there is more collaboration in the industry. Great to see that WFF was speaking at Fund Forum to highlight use case of data traceability – in the future Asset Managers and Investors have the opportunity (and the responsibility) to work together and co design investment solutions with ESG experts and data scientists to make all products more transparent.

Stephanie Griffiths opening Ffyn's paenl

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