Richard Jones and Jean Devambez launch Ffyn at the Fund Forum

Richard Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Ffyn:

“Investors typically receive information from their fund managers via different channels and in a variety of different formats, making it difficult for them to get a single, meaningful view of their investments. Ffyn has been designed to solve these pain points and enable investors to access personalised and standardised information via a single channel. By bringing the industry together on a single platform, Ffyn will help foster even closer relationships between fund managers and their investors.”


Jean Devambez, Chairman and Co-Founder of Ffyn:

“We have worked closely with our partners to deliver a platform that combines strong business expertise and cloud technologies. Ffyn has been designed to make onboarding very easy and deliver immediate benefits in day-to-day activities. Our ambition now is to quickly grow our user community in Europe and beyond.”

Jean Devambez

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